The tournament is coming to an end

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The last days of a tennis tournament feel always a little sad to me.  On the one hand you are happy that you go back to a regular work schedule on the other hand you have to say good bye to your fellow photographers and people you met during the tournament.  Often you don’t even get a chance to say good bye.  This year it also means for me that this will be the last time for a while that I get to hang out with friends.  I will stay in Miami a little longer and then make my way up to New Orleans.  This freedom to just decide to stay longer feels strange, I have to get used to that.  

Here are some photos from the tournament.  

Rafael Nadal


Andy Roddick


Rafael Nadal


Kim Clijsters


Venus Williams


Justin Henin

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  • Woody says:

    Hi Jicky…love the photos…you should enjoy New Orleans…have been there many times (but never to Mardi Gras )…My sister lived there for several years and 3 of her children (and many grandchildren) are still there.

    Be sure to tour the French Quarter and eat some beignettes (or is is beignols? lol). Also there is a karaoke place called Howl at the Moon (or something like that) where I had a great time.

    Happy Easter Eggs

    Woody (der grande fogel)