A day at home

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Home, sweet home.  I spend the entire day at home taking care of regular household chores and a little work.  The camper and JD (the truck) got a good cleaning as well.  I continue to figure out how things work.   I had some water dripping out of the rear of the camper, very strange since there are no holding tanks.  Turns out that the water intake was dripping water into a small storage compartment that was not properly sealed and the water found its way to the rear of the camper.  Good thing I had some silicone to seal the gap.  The dripping stopped, hurrah.  I have a new campground neighbor who also has a truck camper and he gave me some good tips, e.g. my camper legs were too high, putting too much stress on the jacks.  Lowering the legs has also reduced the movement inside the camper.

I can’t make up my mind when to move on towards New Orleans.  At this point I think it will be Thursday.  Given that I only moved twice in my entire life it is kind of weird that I am suppose to move every couple of days now. 

Camper and truck at campground

My "office" and dining "room"

The kitchen

Bathroom with skylight

The bedroom

Storage by the bed

Bed to the front door

Rear of the camper with my blog address

A little tour of my home.  Can anyone give me some tips on inserting photos into the blog?  Every time I insert photos they never end up where they are suppose to be or they jumble the whole blog.  The photos are only 187 x 250 pixels.  Thanks.

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  • joe says:

    Hey Jicky,
    Joe from GLWD. Lots of pics of things, no pics of you and friends and stories of life on the road. Would love to hear about who you’re with, good stories, etc. have fun!