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I am back on the road again.  Left Miami on Thursday slowly making my way northward.  I stayed away from the big interstate highways and made my way up through the center of Florida.  Passed through the Big Cypress National Preserve, just north of the Everglades, where I stopped at the Clyde Butcher photo gallery.  Beautiful black and white photos of the Everglades.  I skipped the Everglades after hearing a report that vultures had been eating the rubber and plastic on visitors cars.  One should bring a car cover… there has been no explanation for their behavior.   

 On my drive I saw at least half a dozen alligators sunbathing just on the other side of the canal along the road, pretty cool.  Further north I hit “orange county”.  Orange groves to the left and right.  The smell of the orange blossoms was permeating the air.  I drive with my windows down.    

I stayed at a very nice and quiet campground in Cypress Gardens.  It took me a long time to drive the 200+ miles.  I had to get used to driving with the camper on again.  I could rename this road trip to “America at 55” that’s the speed I usually drive.  

 Along the way I passed through a lot of new developments, gated communities with look alike houses sitting on top of each other, WHY?  I got a pleasant break when I turned onto a county road where the orange groves were replaced by pastures and oak trees covered with Spanish moss.  A really beautiful stretch of road was just outside of Floral City.  Big oak trees to the left and right forming a canopy over the road.  It felt more like the South than Florida.  

 The highlight of the day was my campground.  I had no idea what to expect when I picked this location.  I basically chose it because it was reachable within a days drive.  I had no idea that I would be standing with my camper directly at the Gulf of Mexico!  I am not kidding, the truck is two feet from the beach.  Look for yourself.  The first photo was taken from the roof of my camper, just after I arrived. 

Paradise - Keaton Beach, FL

Paradise - sunset over the Gulf of Mexico


 For this one I had to walk 20 yards along the beach.  

I will continue along the coast and eventually, I will end up in Pensacola to visit a friend.  

Time for dinner.  Yummy fresh Florida tomato with something.  

2 Responses to “Paradise”

  • Nancy S. says:

    Hi Jicky
    Great photos for these posts! I love the one with the sunset and bird (is it an egret?) right in the center. Beautiful.


  • Julie says:

    Hi Jicky!
    Glad to see it’s going well – looking forward to hearing about NO and Habitat there!
    Loving the photos too – definitely a “more is better” situation!
    We all miss you on Tuesday eves –
    ps am slightly jealous of your bathroom with a skylight