Can it get any better?

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Just a quick note.  Made it to Carrabelle Beach at the Florida panhandle.  The Sunset Isle campground is brand new, nice and quiet.  Bring buck spray, the marsh is close by and little flies are numerous.

Don’t think anything can beat the Keaton Beach location anytime soon.

My camping spot in Keaton Beach

View from my bedroom

One Response to “Can it get any better?”

  • Ray & Nuria-Perrites who helped you wiggle out of a tight spot this morning ;-) says:


    We are glad you made it to Carrabelle Beach okay despite going 55 mph! We had a nice day hitting the St. Mark’s bike trail with our rollerblades as well as a couple of hikes. Ray got to see his first alligator in the wild despite the fact that he has lived in Florida for 3 years. Wishing you the best as you continue on your sojourn! Ray & Nuria 😀