Austin, mosquitoes, heat and more

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It has been a week since my last post and so much happened that I just don’t know where to start. I am bubbling over with little stories. Should I go in chronological order or as it pops into my head? OK, let’s try to chronological order.  As you know I did make it to Austin where I parked my camper next to my friends’ house.  My first dry camping experience in a city.  Worked out great, quiet street.  Better than some campgrounds I stayed at lately.  Austin was just as hot as Dallas; luckily the nights were cool, relatively speaking. 

One of my friends, Joanna, has a handyman business, Handychicks.  We had a little conversation about the name, since I have never been very fond of the term chicks in reference to women.  In any case, Joanna needed some help on a project and since I am kind of handy myself I said yes and helped stain a deck and a six foot tall fence. I had to think of Mark Twain the entire time I was painting. The project was not bad, but the heat and humidity were a little bothersome, 96 F (37 C) and the heat index hovered at around 102 F (40 C).  But nothing was as bad as the mosquitoes.  Once again, I was eaten alive.  Within no time I had over a dozen nasty red bites on each leg, yuck.  I know I am sweet and all, but I would prefer if these suckers would leave me alone. 

Spending time in both Dallas and Austin with friends was great.  I haven’t had this much company in a long time.  It will take some getting used to being back on the road by myself again. It was great meeting you Joanna and Allison. Thank you for your hospitality, I love your dogs, would have taken one with me if you would have let me. Looking forward to seeing you again.

A quick Dallas note, I was able to replenish my special dark bread supply. I have now 14 pounds of my bread in the freezer. That should last the next three months. I should get a sponsorship deal with the Rubschlager company. I have been eating their bread for almost 20 years! Any connections anyone?

After the mammoth 250 mile drive from Dallas to Austin, I decided to break up my drive to Galveston into two days. Fortunately, the wind was not that bad anymore and I could even use my cruise control for longer stretches. I stayed overnight at a RV park in Richmond. I had asked for a spot in the shade. Well, there was one tree, better than nothing. Thanks to the incredible heat around here (who drives around Texas in June anyway?) I added a new accessory to my wardrobe, a frozen bandana. I have started to put a wet bandana into the freezer until frozen stiff, roll it up and wrap it around my neck. It really cools me down, at least for a while. Just keep in mind, what once was frozen will melt and drip on your shirt…

Sorry, have to interrupt the chronological report. Just arrived at my campground near Gonzales thinking it is still early and I have plenty of time to update my blog. Things just don’t always work out that way. Had to deal with a big leaking something in my camper. Just had hooked up my city water connection and was getting ready to do some laundry (yes, I still have to take care of those pesky household chores.) when I stepped outside and saw water coming out of three corners of my camper. Big time shit. I had water dripping in the past and had blamed the city intake connection. However, the intake was dry. I am not 100% sure yet, but it seemed to have been a loose hose connection to the bathroom faucet. The result: a wet basement ceiling, wet carpet under the dining table and of course some of the bags under the table and their contents. Let’s hope that the plywood covering the interior structure of the camper dries out nicely over night. It is pretty warm and for now I have my fan blowing into the basement. Have to check what my camper warranty says about these kinds of issues. Being a camper owner is not much different from being a home owner. Other than the water issue I had to deal with a broken rear light due to a faulty ground wire. Which meant I had to re-crimp all the little wires in the plug which connects to the truck. Driving without a right turning signal is not that great. Last week I replaced a vent cap on the roof. Must have hit a low hanging branch somewhere. Good thing it was not a low hanging bridge. Thank God none of my low clearance bridge nightmares have come true so far.  Next is the malfunctioning seal in the toilet.

Now that is has gotten so late, I won’t get around to report about my drive to the Texas coast or my stay in Galveston or put up any photos. Stay tuned to find out where Jicky had lunch with Vicky and Mickey.

But before I say good night I want to send a big thank you to John and Susan in Galveston. Thank you John for showing me your Galveston, despite the heat, and giving me the historic background and the stories. Thank you for all the CDs, I did like the Texas music. Thanks also for letting me “camp” in your driveway.

A night for a big bowl of ice cream! Good thing I don’t drink.

4 Responses to “Austin, mosquitoes, heat and more”

  • Rich Wesolowski says:

    Handychicks – I love it!! I think I’ve found a new nickname for when you return to the kitchen.

    stay well..Rich


  • Nancy S. says:

    Oh Jicky!
    Sorry to hear about the leak. I know that your truck and camper are big, but I had no idea that they were big enough to have a basement! You should put a pool table down there. ; ) But seriously, you deserved a big bowl of ice cream after all that.

    Otherwise, I’m glad to hear you’re catching up with friends and meeting more nice people on the road. Also, the list of states on the sidebar is a nice touch.

    Take care, “rolling stone!”



  • Jicky says:

    basement might just be large enough to smuggle a small person across the border 🙂
    The leak was bad, but now my fridge is not working. That’s bad in this heat and possibly expensive. Keep your fingers crossed.


  • Jicky says:

    how is life as team captain? Not sure about the nickname…