Thank you

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A very sincere and heartfelt thank you to Don, Patricia, Joanna and Alison for letting me stay at their lake house while I was waiting for my fridge to be repaired. None of my food spoiled thanks to having access to their fridge.

Also thank you to Wayne at Hill Country RV & Mobile Home Supply ( who not only told me what to do before going ahead and ordering a new cooling system for my fridge (I know I was not always patient). But who also ran another diagnostic test. The fridge is working at the point.  Might have been a blockage that was finally dislodged.  If you ever need help with your RV or camper and you are in the Bandera area, see Wayne.

Thank you to Bill at East End campers in New York for the help via telephone.

To top off this day of good fortune; I came back to the lake just to see an almost full moon shining above the lake. Illuminating the cliffs and reflecting on the water. Stars above in a cloud free night sky. Who needs a shower when you have a lake?

I must have done something right in life to be so fortunate. Thank you.

3 Responses to “Thank you”

  • Nancy S. says:

    Hi Jicky
    Glad things are looking up for the camper and it wasn’t as bad as you thought. Its been pretty hot here in NYC the past few days and I think my neighborhood narrowly escaped a brown-out or black-out last night.

    I hope you get to see some good fireworks for July 4th, somewhere out on the road!

    Take care,


  • Don says:

    Hi Jicky

    Hope the fridge is still keeping things cool. How was Bracket ville ? Last time we were there it was pretty quiet.
    Are you getting any bad weather from ALEX ?
    Will check u out from time to time. Good luck and u are welcome at the lake anytime.

    Good Luck

    Don & Pat.


  • Jicky says:

    Funny to read about brown-outs. I have been putting on extra blankets at night.