10,000 miles!

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I hit the 10,000 mile mark while I was driving through Amarillo.  However, looking at my US map it looks like I have only covered a tiny fraction of the country.

I quick recap and some stats:

10,000 miles driven
118 days on the road (only 8 nights not slept in the camper)
880 gallons of gas pumped

the little hick ups:

2 leaks that soaked my carpet – fixed for now
faulty ground wire that runs the turning signals & lights of the camper – fixed
broken fridge, for 2 days – fixed
broken seal around the bathroom skylight, only little water leaked in – fixed
damaged eye hook that ties the camper to the truck – fixed
small hole in the tire – patched

the good stuff:

met a bunch of nice people
made some new friends
saw a lot of beautiful country – plenty more to come
learned more about how people outside of big cities live

I am finally leaving Texas, spent more than a month here.  Heading towards Gilroy, California for the garlic festival on July 23-25.  I really want to go to this festival.  Hope that I make it without ending up rushing too much.

Have to pack up now to get on the road.

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