Caving in

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OK, the heat finally has gotten to me. Last night was too hot (91F) and I didn’t sleep well. That combined with three days of driving, I was too tired to make it all the way to the Mojave Desert. I quit at 3 PM and pulled into a Motel 6 in Kingman, Arizona.  Just off the old highway 66.  My home is parked outside my door. Kind of strange, but when it is 102 F outside, an air conditioned room sure beats the comforts of my home.
Had hoped to be at the coast on the 19th. Wanted to treat myself for my birthday and rent a fast car to drive up the coast. Fifty five miles per hour are fine, however after a while I get a little jealous when I get past by all those cars.
Today’s drive was not as pleasant as I had hoped. The scenery was nice, but there was too much traffic on hwy 93. Drove through Joshua tree “forests”, pretty cool. Same old story, no pull outs or if there was one it wasn’t marked ahead of time. You try to quickly pull over with a camper on your back. Had some climbing to do as well at 40 mph I could at least enjoy the scenery.
New Mexico and Arizona have so far been the only two states where I was forced to take the interstate due to the lack of secondary roads running near by. I do not enjoy that one bit. I have the feeling it won’t get better when I get into California.

Good night.

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