A day of repairs

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It is so nice when everything is back in good working order.
I had decided to stop by my camper manufacturer, Eagle Cap, in La Grande Oregon to have a couple of things checked out and fixed.
I arrived yesterday and instead of spending the night at a campground, I figured I might as well park right outside their shop and save some commuting time. Bill, the sales manager, had no problem with this. All was fine until 5 AM when the first workers arrived! Luckily, I managed to fall back to sleep for a few more hours.
In the morning I went over my little issues list with Moni and Jason, who then put the guys to work.
I had to leave to get the right front tire of the truck fixed. I had noticed a nail in the side of the tire back in northern California, but had not found a Ford dealership to fix it. At my last stop nice RVers had pointed out that it could come to a blow out. Not what you want to hear just before you head out for a 250 mile trip!
The Legacy dealership in La Grande squeezed me into their tight schedule. As it turns out, the tire needed to be replaced. Side wall damage cannot be patched for safety reasons. The good news was that my extended tire warranty covers the new tire. I tell you I was happy to hear that. Not just did I get a new tire, but I also had the tires rotated and the oil changed. As a bonus my truck was also washed! Thank you Lony and Tony! FYI, it wasn’t a nail, but a very pointy piece of wood.
Another thank you is due to the inventor of the internet, thanks Al :),
and the inventor of wi-fi. Thanks to both I could get most of my work done while I was waiting for the truck to be fixed.
When I returned to Eagle Cap my camper was fixed as well. Cracks were patched, a crooked leg and a leaky faucet replaced, a radio antenna attached (I always wondered why I had such crappy reception). The guys also ran extensive tests to figure out why I had water leaking, but couldn’t find anything wrong. Connections were tightened and let’s hope that will do it. Thank you to Bill, Moni, Jason and their crew.
Off I went to my night spot 100 miles north on I-84. Yes, I took the interstate. Didn’t love it, but did not have much of an option.
I love traveling and living in my camper, I totally dislike having to find a camp spot for the next night. I think I am set for tomorrow night.

There is plenty more to write about and hopefully, next week I will have some time while I am staying with my friend Carol in Washington State.

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