Stuff I had to “deal” with

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Sunrise! over the San Rafael Reef

Room with a view – San Rafael Reef

Goblin Valley – Goblins

They really made us walk down this way – Arches

Arches Nat\’l Park

Moon over rock at my camp spot


Needles at the Elephant Hill trail

Road side art

I am so sorry that it has been a really long time since my last full fledged post. It is not that I am sitting around twiddling my thumbs, I do that too, but that’s not the reason for the lack of posts. I am in the middle of writing about my time in Colorado when I realized that it is getting late and I won’t be able to finish tonight. Since I wanted to post something tonight, you can take a look at what I have been privileged to see. I save Bryce Canyon for a later post.
I have been waking up in the most incredible places, just turning my head and watching a sunrise from bed. Utah is an incredible place. There might be plenty wrong with their politics, but everything is right with their scenery. I have been going on 6 to 8 mile day hikes which is another reason (excuse) for the lack of writing.

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