Culture shock

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Wow, last night I spent a couple of hours on the Las Vegas strip. What a difference to the places I visited the last month. Coming from very quiet and remote places, Las Vegas was just a little bit too much for me.
Between the crowds, the noise and the not so pleasant smells (BO, chlorine, booze and cigarettes) I was happy to be back at my camper after two hours on the strip. I thought I might gamble ($5), but after walking through one casino, the cigarette smell was way too much.
Vegas is an interesting place. The casinos and everything around them is huge. It takes forever to walk from the back to the front of any given place.
The good thing is that the temperatures are back in the 70s. No more fleece, long johns and wool hats.
I am off to Death Valley where the temps will be just as pleasant.

Grand Canyon - North Rim

Grand Canyon - North Rim

I made it - atop Vermillion Cliffs

Too much for me - in front of the Bellagio

Las Vegas - The Strip

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