Gold rush

Things you need to search for gold:

1 – a place where to find gold
2 – a shovel can be helpful
3 – a flash light
4 – a healthy dose of adventure spirit

The good news, I had three of the above ingredients. The bad news, I didn’t find any gold. But, I had fun trying. I did find some cool looking quartz and they say where there is quartz there is gold…
The flash light would have come in handy when I stumbled across this great long mine shaft (ground level). Without light I didn’t dare to go in very far. Shot some pictures in the dark. Turned around just when the shaft spilt in two.

Two mine shafts

Looked like the kind of place I would like to check out more closely, but that won’t happen; leaving for the Extraterrestrial Highway tomorrow. That’s Nevada for you.

Delamar - ghost town

The place I was checking out is called Delamar. Delamar, now a ghost town, is located fifteen miles off the main highway on a dirt road in the hills. The road is not bad up to a point when it runs uphill, gets narrow and very rocky. This used to be a mining town about a hundred years ago. Now all that is left are some stone walls of the old buildings. Unfortunately, the buildings didn’t just fall apart, no they were vandalized. Parts of the mining operation and mining shafts are still standing.

Mine shaft

I did consider climbing down a ladder into one of the shafts until I checked out the steps of the ladder and decided it would be wiser to stay above ground.

Entrance to mine

One thing I saw a lot was horse or mule manure. However, I didn’t see either. The area is known for wild horses. It would have been neat to see some wild horses run across the prairie.

I’ll be checking out some other old mining towns on this excursion, maybe I’ll have more luck the next time around.