Quick trip to Manhattan

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Yup, it’s been too long. It was a relatively quick ride. I did, however, get stuck in the snow on my way to Manhattan, but don’t blame Mayor Bloomberg.
OK, let’s clarify. I did drive to Manhattan, but the Manhattan in Nevada, population 28. Yes, there was a Manhattan Storage, just a bit smaller.

Yes, there is another Manhattan

Before I went to Manhattan I had to stop by another former gold town now ghost town. I am still hoping to find my gold nugget. Unfortunately, Belmont was covered under about 14” of snow and I didn’t feel like wading through the snow never mind digging through it. The main street in Belmont was plowed, but not the two or three side streets.

Belmont Saloon

I tried to make my way to the intact looking courthouse when I realized that I wouldn’t make it on that road. I tried to go backwards, but just started to slide sideways towards the edge of the hill. The good old rocking back and forth didn’t get me anywhere. I had hit a patch of ice. Belmont has a year round population of seven and I was very glad that at least two of them were in town.

My rescuers, Henry & Ryan

I had gotten stuck in front of the Saloon and fortunately, Henry was in and helped me shoveling out the truck. Good thing I had my gold digging shovel with me. Despite the shoveling I still didn’t get anywhere. Thanks to the second resident, Ray, who pulled me out with his truck, but only after he put on some snow chains on his rear tires. Thanks guys!

There is not very much left of the old Belmont; mainly sidewalls of stone buildings, no roofs.

Ruins of the old mining town and the Belmont Courthouse

There is also an old brick smelt smokestack at the north end of town. The ruins are surrounded by some old mining equipment and the obligatory old rusting car. It is not all ruins; there are some new homes and stores which must come to life during warmer months.

The road to Manhattan was plowed and had only a couple of icy patches. There was not much happening in this Manhattan.

Manhattan Country Store

Couldn’t tell which buildings or businesses where occupied. It was late afternoon on a cold winter’s day and people stayed in.
I have to say, I was glad when I was back on black top and off dirt roads.

Both of these towns are about forty miles northeast of Tonopah.



Tonopah store signs

Tonopah is still a mining town, but its boom time is long gone. Did you know that Nevada is the third largest gold producer in the world?!? Only South Africa and Australia have a larger output, who knew.
Heading south in Nevada where temperatures are above the freezing mark.

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  • Nancy says:

    I love these pictures of Manhattan and Belmont. They remind me of True Grit, which I recommend seeing.


  • Nancy says:

    P.S. No Starbucks? ; )


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  • Jicky says:

    Thanks, I saw True Grit and was not impressed, sorry.