Simple things are simply the best

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I am back in Overton, Nevada where the weather has been wonderful. I have defrosted and I am sitting in the sun, in the back of my truck atop the Mormon Mesa as I am writing this.
I have been on the road now for a little over ten months and I am suppose to be back in New York by April. I just can’t picture myself back home without a camper or truck and without the freedom of traveling whenever and wherever I want. I don’t want to give up this lifestyle. Unfortunately, everything comes down to that pesky little thing called money. So, the other day I tried to figure out how much money I had spent during this trip and how much longer I could go on. There were no big surprises where the money had gone; gas, campground fees, car payments, insurance and food. I was a little surprised at the amount of money I spent on “dining” out and how little I had gotten in return. I recall maybe a half dozen meals that were really good and satisfying. I do travel mostly through small towns and the fact that I don’t eat meat makes it more challenging to find a good meal at a restaurant, diner or even cafe. I had the best cup of cappuccino in Bandera, Texas at the Dogleg Coffee House way back in July. It was so good that I had two cups and couldn’t go to sleep that night. I finally stopped wasting my money on watered down coffee and bought a French press.
I am not a great cook who comes up with fancy recipes, but I enjoy cooking. That evening I had bought some Brussels sprouts (I know not a favorite for many) and some red potatoes. I steamed the Brussels sprouts and boiled the potatoes. When done I added some fresh butter to both, a little nutmeg to the sprouts and some rosemary, from my friend Faith’s garden, to the potatoes. I can’t tell you how yummy this was. Home cooked meals ARE the best. Coming to think of it, the very best meals were the ones prepared by/with friends and eaten with friends.
At this point I have come to realize that I don’t need a fancy big apartment (not that I ever had one) and a ton of stuff. I am very happy in my camper that holds all the necessities I require. I have met some very nice people and have reconnected with old friends and in some cases deepened my friendships. I could, however use some more good grocery stores along the way.
Do I miss New York City? Not really. I miss some friends, but there is always the phone or internet to connect. New York is a great city with a lot of conveniences, but it is also a very hectic and stressful city. Have I found another place where I would want to live? No.
Hopefully, I will figure out a way how to continue living the life of a vagabond.

Next time, more about my travels.

P.S. Are you working on making your dream a reality?

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