Pain sucks

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OK, it has been eleven days now since I cut my leg and I am sick and tired of being in pain. I pulled the staples out on Saturday. It wasn’t bad until I got to the last staple. If I had had any hard liquor in my fridge I would have had a drink or two (I don’t drink). Instead, I drove to the ER. You have to understand that my insurance will only cover ER visits or visits to doctors who are in their network. Since I am in Arizona there are no in-network doctors here. What is really stupid is that even if there are no hospitals around for 60 miles or more the insurance still won’t pay for an emergency visit to an out-of-network doctor.
Anyway, at the ER they took an x-ray of my leg and it turns out that some “foreign body”, sand, or the like got stuck inside the wound. This is probably what keeps the wound from healing and that’s why I was feeling so much pain when I pulled the last staple out. For now I am suppose to treat the wound only with antibiotic ointment. Let’s hope that that will do.
I am in Tucson and there are lots of great hiking places around here, and I can’t go. It is really frustrating to see all those great mountains and all I can do is look and keep on driving.
Sorry, that this is a bitching post, but I had to get it of my chest. This is the first time on this trip that I wish I wouldn’t be traveling on my own…

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