One month later

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It has been a little over one month since my accident in the Mojave Preserve. The leg is pretty much healed. Now it is just a question of time for the scars to disappear.
I am on my way to Texas, heading further east…

Staple and staple remover

My leg one month later

4 Responses to “One month later”

  • Kevin says:

    I once went to Texas. Everywhere I went, people said (in their texas drawl) “Get along, little doggie”. So when I arrived back home, I went out and got a dachshund. : )


  • Manuela says:

    It’s been months since I last checked your website and I was just wondering, if you’re still on the road. So I went to your site and what is the first thing that I see? A picture of a scraped up leg and some staples!! I found your earlier post to read what happened to you. What a story!! But I”m very glad that you’re feeling better again. So, how much longer will you be on this road trip? It’s been over a year! I will read a few more posts and check out the photos now. Am enjoying it very much. Thanks for sharing all this with us and good luck for the rest of the trip!!


  • Jicky says:

    very cute. So far nobody said that to me; so no dog for me in the near future.


  • Brenda Murphy says:

    Hello Jicky! Sonya and I jotted down your website while we were sitting behind your camper up in Palo Duro. Just got a chance to see your photos and read some of your blog. Great job! We enjoyed our encounters with you while we were there to paint in the canyon. Hope you enjoyed your stay in PDC and enjoy Texas. We certainly did.

    Yes we drive a bit crazy here in Texas but heck, it’s just how we are…kinda crazy. We also appreciate hard working people who live their dreams, cold beer and great Bar B Que. You got the dream part handled since your living it. Hope you had a great time. Let me know if you need other spots to see!

    Brenda Murphy