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A year in review

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The past twelve months have flown by faster than any other that I can remember. It is hard to believe, but it has been a year since I left New York City that cool rainy day in March. And now I am here in Nevada basking in the sun. I once again drove out onto […]


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Succumb to fried food

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Here is the post that goes with the photos below. Have I mentioned how beautiful Alabama is?  No, I am not getting paid by the Alabama tourism board.  There are the beautiful beaches along the Gulf Coast.  FYI, there is no oil on the beaches, so come on down.  It is not only the fishing […]

Too much to write about

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OK, I just got home at 8 PM after a day of exploring.  I am too tired to write, but I wanted to post at least some photos.  Words will follow.  At this point I could sit in front of my computer for days just writing.

Gray skies remain

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The heavy rain stopped at some point during the night.  I was just glad that I was not sleeping in a tent. Warnings of severe weather are still broadcasted on the radio;  mostly to the southwest of my location.  It is a little unsettling to have the regular broadcast interrupted by these warnings,  I am […]

Quick note from Gadsden

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Heavy rain and thunderstorms.  So far so good at 8:30 PM Central time.  I’ll keep you posted.

Alfalfa sprouts, rosemary and food in general

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I am still in Alabama.  Spent two days in Auburn, home of the Auburn University Tigers.  I arrived just in time for graduation.  That unfortunately meant that the campus was empty and the university town feeling was not quite there. Nevertheless, I had a great experience. For the first time in a very long time […]

Lucky me or sweet people of Alabama

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I can’t explain it, but I have a great hand when it comes to picking campgrounds.  Maybe I should start playing the lotto. I had planned to stay in Uriah, Alabama for two nights, well this is my fifth night.  There is not much around here, mostly agriculture; cotton, soybeans, peanuts and more crops and […]

Help clean-up the oil spill

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Everyone can do something to help the clean-up efforts of the looming oil disaster along the Gulf Coast.   If you read my last post you know about the hair donations that are collected and made into booms to keep the oil off the beaches. Well, I did my part and cut my hair and mailed it […]

My first encounter with the New Orleans police

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Greetings from New Orleans.  Apologies for the long break between posts.  Traveling, taking pictures and working a little can all turn into a full time job. The distance between Gulf Shores and New Orleans is not very large, only about 200 miles.  But once you reach the Biloxi area you feel much further away.  You can’t help […]