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Lucky, lucky me

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I am just one lucky traveling gal. A couple of days ago when I was traveling from West Bend to Charles City, Iowa I ran into a farmer, figuratively speaking. I just caught a glimpse of corn being loaded into a big truck, something I had never seen before; after all, I am a city […]

Regretting not being in New York City

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Today is the first time in over fifteen months that I regret not being in New York. I woke up to the wonderful news that just before mid-night Friday the NYS senate had passed the Marriage Equality bill, legalizing same-sex marriage. I wish I could be celebrating with my fellow New Yorkers, especially during tomorrow’s […]

Photos are copyright protected

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Please note that ALL photos on this site are copyright protected. They cannot be used for any purpose without PRIOR written consent. If you would like to purchase a photo you can click on the link to my photo collection on the right. Today, I found one of my photos on the news website The […]

Words I don’t want to hear anymore

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Severe thunderstorm, tornado watch, thunderstorm warning, tornado warning. I would much rather hear: sunny with temperatures between 70 and 80 F, light winds, low humidity and chance of precipitation less than 10%. Last night the county I slept in was under a tornado watch until 4 am. I wish I hadn’t turned on the radio. […]

Iowa = agriculture

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I remember driving through Iowa on interstate 80 some fourteen years ago, the trip from LA to Chicago. I was not particularly fond of the state. The roads were bad and the scenery was boring. If I remember correctly, I called a friend to keep me from getting bored out of my mind. Some things […]