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Mississippi thru Louisiana to the Texas border

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Not much happening. Took a pretty straight route from Natchez (south western Mississippi ‚Äď by now y’all must have your atlas out to follow my trip ūüôā ) through Louisiana to Zwolle, near the Texas border. Drove thru some very small towns, you blink once or twice and that‚Äôs it. Not much to see and […]

Oil change with extra service

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Greetings from Natchez/Vidalia.¬† Mississippi and Louisiana border towns. How many times have you made a wrong turn just to discover that in the end it was a good wrong turn?¬† Well, I made one of those wrong turns today which lead me to a Ford dealership.¬† I know there is nothing exciting about Ford dealerships.¬† […]

Smells and sounds

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Good bye New Orleans and hello Wiggins, Mississippi. Hope I included all “s’s”, “p’s” and “i’s”. I left New Orleans via highway 11, an one lane highway with a really long bridge crossing the mouth of Lake Pontchartrain. You don’t realize how much water surrounds New Orleans until you start driving. If it is not […]

New Orleans – where did the money go?

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It is time to move on.¬† I have now driven and walked through many of New Orleans’ neighborhoods and surrounding areas and I just cannot see anymore dilapidated, destroyed¬†or neglected houses and¬†homes.¬†¬† According to official sources there are over 60,000 blighted buildings in New Orleans!¬† Not all the damage is the result of Katrina, but […]

Oil crisis

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A quick note from New Orleans. I am still in New Orleans.¬† Glad I am not traveling, the wind is blowing at 30 mph.¬† That would not be any¬†fun with the camper on top of the truck. Currently, the big story down here is the huge oil leak coming from the BP oil rig that […]

Should I stay or should I go?

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Live oaks I have extended my stay at the campground here in New Orleans three times since I arrived Sunday 8 days ago. I still have not seen everything I want to see and then there is Jazz Fest. Jazz Fest is amazing. Went on Sunday with two other volunteers.¬† Now I am trying to […]

I am fine

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Just to let everyone know, even though the weather was not very good today I have¬†not been¬†affected by the tornadoes that have hit parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. As so often on this trip I had planned to work on my photos and to write some more, but once again it did not quite work […]

The photos

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I am having trouble inserting the photos where they are suppose to go, so here is a separate post just with photos. The original 8   Dinner at Bamboo The back

My first encounter with the New Orleans police

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Greetings from New Orleans.¬† Apologies for the long break between posts.¬† Traveling, taking pictures and working a little can all turn into a full time job. The distance between¬†Gulf Shores and New Orleans is not very large, only about 200 miles.¬† But once you reach the Biloxi area you feel much further away.¬†¬†You can’t help […]