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Mississippi thru Louisiana to the Texas border

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Not much happening. Took a pretty straight route from Natchez (south western Mississippi – by now y’all must have your atlas out to follow my trip ) through Louisiana to Zwolle, near the Texas border. Drove thru some very small towns, you blink once or twice and that’s it. Not much to see and seemingly […]

Oil change with extra service

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Greetings from Natchez/Vidalia.  Mississippi and Louisiana border towns. How many times have you made a wrong turn just to discover that in the end it was a good wrong turn?  Well, I made one of those wrong turns today which lead me to a Ford dealership.  I know there is nothing exciting about Ford dealerships.  […]

Smells and sounds

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Good bye New Orleans and hello Wiggins, Mississippi. Hope I included all “s’s”, “p’s” and “i’s”. I left New Orleans via highway 11, an one lane highway with a really long bridge crossing the mouth of Lake Pontchartrain. You don’t realize how much water surrounds New Orleans until you start driving. If it is not […]

New Orleans – where did the money go?

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It is time to move on.  I have now driven and walked through many of New Orleans’ neighborhoods and surrounding areas and I just cannot see anymore dilapidated, destroyed or neglected houses and homes.   According to official sources there are over 60,000 blighted buildings in New Orleans!  Not all the damage is the result of Katrina, but […]

Oil crisis

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A quick note from New Orleans. I am still in New Orleans.  Glad I am not traveling, the wind is blowing at 30 mph.  That would not be any fun with the camper on top of the truck. Currently, the big story down here is the huge oil leak coming from the BP oil rig that […]

Should I stay or should I go?

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Live oaks I have extended my stay at the campground here in New Orleans three times since I arrived Sunday 8 days ago. I still have not seen everything I want to see and then there is Jazz Fest. Jazz Fest is amazing. Went on Sunday with two other volunteers.  Now I am trying to […]

I am fine

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Just to let everyone know, even though the weather was not very good today I have not been affected by the tornadoes that have hit parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. As so often on this trip I had planned to work on my photos and to write some more, but once again it did not quite work […]

The photos

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I am having trouble inserting the photos where they are suppose to go, so here is a separate post just with photos. The original 8   Dinner at Bamboo The back

My first encounter with the New Orleans police

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Greetings from New Orleans.  Apologies for the long break between posts.  Traveling, taking pictures and working a little can all turn into a full time job. The distance between Gulf Shores and New Orleans is not very large, only about 200 miles.  But once you reach the Biloxi area you feel much further away.  You can’t help […]