Ever since I moved to New York City from Hamburg, Germany some twenty years ago, I wanted to “discover” America.
An extended road trip three years ago whetted my appetite for adventure and discovery.
The combination of a slumping stock market and the lack of continuous full time employment played a roll in the timing of this trip. I saw my life savings disappear before my eyes. I always saved and never bought anything, now it was time to get something tangible.
At the beginning of 2009 I decided it was time to seriously look into ways on how to spend a year on the road. I wouldn’t want to live in a tent for a year and after some research and visits to RV shows I settled for a slide-in truck camper. I don’t always move very fast and it was not until the fall of 2009 when I consulted a friend to figure out the financial end of things. I liquidated my savings and bought a pick-up truck and the camper.
I set my start date for the middle of March. Without a fixed date I would have just procrastinated. I sublet my apartment to a friend and started to pack-up my belongings to be stored in a friend’s basement.
While I am on the road I continue my part-time work as a business administrator for a small custom cabinetry shop. Thanks to a great boss and the internet this is possible.
Now my dream has become reality and I am traveling this amazing country.
I am documenting my journey here on this blog so that friends and family can follow along and maybe other people will find some interesting information or even get inspired to make their own dream a reality.
I am not a writer, so forgive my ramblings.
I have been a photographer for over twenty years and my work has been published in magazines and newspapers in Europe and America.
I will post photos from the trip on this blog as I go along and I hope to publish a book at the end of my journey.

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