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Rainy, charming Charleston

Where to start.  First, sorry I have not written more frequently.  I am still trying to get into the groove of things. 

From Chapel Hill I thought I make it straight through to Charleston.  Well, I made it to Florence, South Carolina.  And I cheated to boot, took the interstate for a stretch of the way.  Arriving at the campsite early was great.  It gave me time to get a little more organized in my camper.  There is a box of stuff under my table that still needs a home.  The drive to Florence was uneventful.  Had lunch in Pinehurst, a golf mekka.  Cute, but too golfy for me.

I drove through rural areas from Florence to Georgetown, a small town just off the Atlantic coast.  Saw a lot of trailer homes and the usual abandoned and overgrown homes and barns.  Then out of nowhere in the middle of nowhere a mansion.  Style and size of the residence of a plantation owner, sitting there all by itself.

Georgetown is a nice place by the water with a little marina.  Unfortunately, the economy has not been kind to the place.  Last year the steel mill shut down and a lot of store fronts are empty and for rent.

Sign in front of the Georgetown court house

I arrived in Charleston just in time for dinner.  This was the first dinner I cooked in the camper, linguine in homemade tomato creme sauce with zucchini and shrimp, yummy.  Couldn’t believe how cheap the shrimp is down here. 

Unfortunately, rain was in the forecast.  Still, I drove to Charleston Sunday morning and ventured through the historic district.  The narrow cobblestone streets with the sideways homes and gas lamps are beautiful.  Some of the gardens are amazing.  Can’t even begin to imagine what this area must look like when all the flowers are in bloom and the sun is shining.

Garden in historic Charleston

I spent about three hours zigzagging the street until the rain got the better of me.

Historic Charleston

Historic Charleston


These are just some of the shots I took.  Haven’t had enough time to edit everything.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Tomorrow I am leaving for Florida.  Not sure how far I get, but that really doesn’t matter that much.  After the tennis tournament in Miami I only have one other appointment I have to keep.  New Orleans, April 20 to 24, Habitat for Humanity.  I finally signed up to volunteer building homes, yeah!

Let’s hope I don’t get stuck in the mud tomorrow when I leave.  The campground looked a little soggy after the rain.

Thank you Susan and Jenn for your Charleston tips!

My campground in Charleston in the rain

P.S. Truck names:  JD – Jicky’s Destiny or Jessie.  Let me know.