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Marquette – Duluth

August 6, 2007

Where to start. It’s been a couple of days since the last report. I am now in Fargo, North Dakota and it is cold up here. Only mid 50s in the morning!

There were a couple of stops between here and Marquette. First of, Marquette, the little place right on Lake Superior. I walked around town for a while and marveled at the restored old brick buildings. This used to be an iron ore and lumber town in its hay days. The road called and I intended to make it to Duluth, Minnesota. There, I would stay with a friend for a day to just relax a little and map out the rest of the trip.

I drove thru more forests and past a bunch of lakes, some small other quiet large. I flew thru Wisconsin, took only 2 ½ hours to cross thru the northern part. However, I stopped in Montreal. As mentioned before, something had to give and it was Wisconsin, sorry.

Tall Timber Days parade

Tall Timber Days parade

I made it to Duluth somewhere around 6 PM. My friend has a house right on Lake Caribou inclusive of canoe and paddle boat. Got some rest and enjoyed the company as well as not having to drive for a day.

All good things have to come to an end and on Sunday off I went again. More forests and lakes. Minnesota has over 10,000 lakes. I was in luck, in Grand Rapids I stumbled across a street fair with a little parade. Looked more like a NYC block party, but size is not everything. Made a minor detour to Bemidji to see and photograph the giant statue of Paul Bunyan and his bull Babe, call me crazy.

Paul Bunyan and his bull Babe

Paul Bunyan and his bull Babe

I think I am ready for some flat land. Just east of Fargo the landscape started to change. The crops were low growing and the trees were almost entirely gone and replaced by shrubs.

I stayed the night in a Motel 6, super clean and surprisingly quiet. The motel has only data ports and I don’t have a cable, so I have to make my way to a Kinko’s to send the e-mail.

I am heading to the western border of N. Dakota before I drive south to South Dakota. It seems that I make it to Sturgis just in time for the big Harley rally and the Joan Jett concert on August 8.

I will skip Montana and instead drive thru northern Wyoming to Yellowstone. I have campsite reservations for 2 nights inside Yellowstone.

From there the road takes me to the Grand Teton, a stay in Jackson Hole and somehow thru Idaho to Washington State. Hope to be in Bellingham by

Big Fish Supper Club

Big Fish Supper Club

August 18. A few days there. Some more sightseeing in Washington State and than down via US 1 to San Francisco. I think I will be in SFO around August 24.

I don’t know how much e-mail possibilities I have, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for a few days.

Enjoy the day.