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Reconnecting with old friends

After my last trip in 2007 friends asked what the best thing was about my trip, I said reconnecting with old friends.  And that’s what this trip is about as well.  Reconnecting with friends and meeting new people.

I have spent the day at a friends house in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.   I hadn’t seen Susan in about 15 years.  I used to babysit her children who are now grown adults.  Where has the time gone.  I arrived last evening after a very long drive from Washington DC.   Driving with the camper is not bad, it just takes a lot longer than just driving a truck.  Once I get the “got to get there” mentality out of my head I will be just fine.  So what if I don’t arrive at the tennis tournament for the early rounds.

The drive from DC was nice.  Spring is in the air.  Car window rolled down and singing along to the music.  Yes, I dared to sing out loud, good thing that nobody could hear me.  What was really neat was that when I got hungry, I just pulled over and went into the camper.  I made a sandwich and had a cup of tea and off I went again.  No looking for a place to eat and waiting to be served.

Today was the first trial run of working from the road.  Thanks to technology you can be anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection, and work.

Next stop, Charleston, South Carolina.