I am fine

Just to let everyone know, even though the weather was not very good today I have not been affected by the tornadoes that have hit parts of Louisiana and Mississippi.

As so often on this trip I had planned to work on my photos and to write some more, but once again it did not quite work out that way.  Instead I decided to explore an area called Algiers, just south of downtown New Orleans across the Mississippi.  Despite the close proximity to the river, this area was mainly spared by Katrina.  More wind than water damage. 

Today was also my first day off from volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.  From Tuesday thru Friday I worked with a group of people on one house in the north eastern section of New Orleans.  We put up siding all week and almost finished the entire house.  Our day on Friday was cut short due to heavy rain and thunderstorms.  I could barely see 20 feet ahead of me on my drive home.

I worked with a fun group.  When we started on Tuesday we were only 8 people, 7 women and one guy.  We called ourselves the original eight as more volunteers joined us the next couple of days.  People came from all over; Canada, North Carolina, Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey and even a group from Norway; boys from carpentry school, high school age.  They put up the siding for the front side of the house in just 1 1/2 days.  Some people came to volunteer for the day others for the week.  It is amazing that people from all walks of life come down here to help make other people’s lives better.

I don’t remember having been this tired in a long time.  Start time was 8 AM and quittin’ time was at 4 PM.  On Friday I hit the pillow at 9 PM!  But is was not all work.  We had some fun as well.  On Thursday night the remaining 6 of the original 8 got together for some nice vegetarian food just outside of the French Quarter.  After dinner one fellow volunteer, Amanda and I walked a bit through the French Quarter and had beignets at Cafe Du Monde.  I am sorry, but I don’t know what the fuss is all about these beignets.  They remind me of fennel cake at a fair, sorry.

It was pretty cool that within one block we passed several places that played live music.  I have to go back during the day to take in the architecture.  Tomorrow I am going to Jazz Fest, plenty of live music there.

Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of the house when we started.  Just picture all sides wrapped in the white Tyvek.