Oil change with extra service

Greetings from Natchez/Vidalia.  Mississippi and Louisiana border towns.

How many times have you made a wrong turn just to discover that in the end it was a good wrong turn?  Well, I made one of those wrong turns today which lead me to a Ford dealership.  I know there is nothing exciting about Ford dealerships.  However, I did need an oil change and I was looking for a place to have it done.  This is the first one for the truck.  That pesky little oil change reminder has been coming on for the last couple of days every time I start the truck.  Nice, but annoying.

I don’t know why, but every time I have a conversation with people they start asking where I am from.  I just don’t understand.  Then they raise an eyebrow when I say New York, as if I would be lying to them.  I guess I still have a little bit of a German accent.  In any case we get talking about my trip and people are always very helpful.  This was no different at the Ford dealership.  Somehow I commented on crawfish and everyone was up in arms.  Crawfish is the best, you just didn’t have the right stuff etc.  Usually, this is where the discussion would end, not here.  Sonny from the service department pulled out his phone and called a place in Vidalia and told them that I would be coming.  This place is right around the corner from my campground.  Instead of getting directions, I got an escort.  Chance, a mechanic and his father Rick had to drive that way anyway and I just had to follow them.  Now that is service.  I also got some travel tips.  I just don’t how best drive thru Louisiana to get to Texas.

C & M Crawfish, don't judge a book by its cover

I would have found the place eventually, but I would have driven past it a couple of times.  Dan, the owner was expecting me and he showed me how to peel the crawfish and how to get the tiny bit of meat out of the claws.  It was mentioned that I could suck the rest of the meat out of the head, no thank you!

I had a tasting right there at Dan’s stand, the meat was tender and the seasoning was great.  Definitely better than the fried stuff I had in Gadsden.  However, I am not sold on crawfish.  It took me a good half hour to peel half a pound of crawfish to end up with, not just with sticky, messy fingers, but only a tiny amount of crawfish meat. not even enough for an appetizer.  I think I’ll stick with shrimp.  Should you have the pleasure of peeling crawfish, make sure you wear a bib!

That's all

The catch

Thank you Ford Natchez!

3 thoughts on “Oil change with extra service

  1. chance

    its funny miss jicky i was doing the wash today and the card you gave me that day fell out and i came and read your stories and looked at your photos and hope one day me and my father will be able to make a trip like this

    it was very nice to meet you that day and i hope one day you can finally see the light about boiled crawfish 😀

    BTW-its chance not chase 🙂 no worries its a common mistake i am used to it

  2. Jicky Post author

    Nice to hear from you Chance. Crawfish is not bad, just too much work peeling.
    Hope all is well in Natchez / Vidalia.

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