Half way mark reached or maybe not?

Wow, it is hard to believe, but I have now been on the road for six months! This means only six months left until I return to New York or not. At this time I would love to continue traveling, just have to find a way to fund it. I also have to see how I make it through the winter. I just left Glacier National Park in northern Montana and they forecasted five inches of snow for tonight. I am now staying in Cut Bank, a town of 3,200 about 100 miles east of Glacier and the temperatures are dropping fast and the wind is blowing. I am just glad that I bought a small space heater before I left Glacier. This way I don’t have to use my propane to heat the camper. This of course only works when I am hooked-up to electric.
One thing I have realized on this trip is that I have to overcome my fears of the unknown. When I left New York, I was petrified of low clearance bridges, the thought of camping without power or water hook-up had not entered my mind (I spent the last four nights without either) and only two weeks ago I freaked out about running into freezing temperatures. How did I overcome those fears? It is a gradual process. Take the approaching winter. Not only was I afraid I wouldn’t make it to Glacier National Park and Bryce Canyon before the temperatures reach the freezing mark. But I also didn’t know how to make sure that the water coming into the camper wouldn’t freeze in the water hose. It took a little time and I just said to myself, so what if it gets really cold. It also helped that I did some research and spoke to people who new the places first hand. Having talked to a fellow RVer about the water situation definitely put my mind at ease. Bottom line, having first hand information and experience is the way to put your fears to rest.

Here a few stats:
Miles driven: 16,400
Gallons of gas pumped: approx. 1,500
States visited: 14
Nights not slept in the camper: 12

Lake McDonald

More about Montana in the next post.

2 thoughts on “Half way mark reached or maybe not?

  1. Susan

    What a fantastic picture of Lake McDonald, Jicki! It looks like a painting, almost unreal!

    I’m really enjoying your entries. I forward them on to my brother (great outdoorsman and r/v lover) and Cathy White , my best friend in FL.

    I know what you mean about fear. I have always wanted to drive across the country like you’re doing, but with another person, just staying in hotels/motels. Jim isn’t up for it , his interest isn’t there but I will do it sometime soon. Unfortunately, my brother , whom I adore, has 2 young boys and is really the home person in their family.

    Keep sending—-they are always interesting! Susan

  2. Jicky Post author

    thank you Susan. When I saw the photo first, I too thought it was a painting. Glacier and Montana in general are beautiful. More to come.

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