Tornado warning

I just sat through three hours of tornado watches and warnings for northwestern Arkansas. I am about 10 miles west of Eureka Springs near Beaver Lake. It was no fun at all, actually quite scary, especially when the campground owner comes to your camper and tells you to go to the bathrooms when he blows the alarm. The bathrooms are made out of cinder blocks, the strongest structure around.
We were fortunate and only got hit by a big thunderstorm with lots of rain. I had been glued to the radio, map in front of me, following the reports and being very relieved that the likely tornado places where to the southwest of the campground. Still the rain has been banging on my roof.
Joplin, Missouri 100 miles to the north west, had just been hit by a tornado a few hours earlier today, a place on my route to Nebraska.
It was May 20th last year when I was glued to the radio in Alabama listening to the weather forecast hoping the storm and tornado would pass; very unsettling moments.

The rain stopped for awhile just to come back with a vengeance.
It is 11 PM and it seems to be finally quiet again.

What have we done to Mother Nature to piss her off so badly?