Home – full circle

After living for two years, 23 months to be precise, in my little camper I have moved back into my apartment in Manhattan.

As with most things in life there are pros and cons.  It is great to be back in the middle of things; no train schedules and long commutes.  Everything is right at my fingertips.  I very much enjoy the convenience of the city.

I have shed the layers of clothing I wore while I lived in my camper and traded them for shorts and t-shirts thanks to a notoriously overheated New York City apartment. 

However, I could do without some of the sounds and smells of the city; the banging sound of trucks hitting potholes, idling diesel truck engines at night and the lovely aroma of garbage.  But who can beat a front row seat to the filming of a TV show. 

Over the weekend I bid farewell to my camper.  No, I did not sell it instead I put it into storage. 

My camper at its new home

I left Westchester, just as I did almost exactly two years ago when I started my journey, and drove to Pennsylvania; same route, but much nicer weather.  The 3 ½ hour drive made me nostalgic for the open road and for about five minutes I contemplated if I should just keep on driving.  I think for now my traveling days are over.

I am beginning a new chapter.  In two weeks I am starting a new job that will keep me in the city for some time; very exciting.


I am very grateful for all the support I received from my friends since I returned to New York; my friend who let me camp on her property for six months and for her help during my job search.  I am grateful for my friends who gave me short term work and for those who gave me moral support.  Thank you, I am very lucky. 

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  1. Jicky Post author

    Thank you Phil. It is good to be back. Walked home thru Central Park today, wonderful.

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